Tech Innovations for Smartphones in 2017

Tech Innovations for Smartphones in 2017

Smartphones have become essential gadgets to a modern man. Thanks to innovative features, smartphones just keep on improving, making them more functional and good investments. If you are thinking of upgrading your phone, 2017 is a good year to do that. Numerous technological innovations are in store for smartphones this year. Exciting, right? We made a list of new features to watch out for!

Object and Scene Recognition

Taking cool pictures with a smartphone will be extremely easy in 2017. Facial recognition is a thing of the past. With the object and scene recognition feature, a smartphone will be able to identify the scene you are capturing. The auto mode of cameras has been enhanced. It even allows you to focus on a particular subject by automatically zooming and panning to follow the object you selected.

Foldable Smartphone

A few smartphone companies have teased the launch of smartphones with a foldable screen this year. Experts believe that this innovation can change the smartphone business if it pushes through. With a foldable screen, a larger screen display size in a smaller unit becomes possible, which gives great portability. It will expand the uses of a smartphone in many ways and could even wipe out tablets from the market.

Faster Internet Connections

More efficient chips will make rounds this year for smartphones. With the right chip, a smartphone can support a multiple user multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) technology, which will improve the bandwidth for all devices connected to a hotspot. Another upgrade to watch out for this year is the ability to get LTE connections that can increase the Internet connection by up to 33%.

VR Technology

Virtual reality technology has been around for quite some time. However, VR technology is not yet well integrated with smartphones. Tech experts predict that VR technology will make the market crazy this year. The idea is to make compatible smartphones that will serve as the VR system display and processor. This feature will work great with units that have high resolution, creating an amazing 3D environment.

Modular Smartphone

A tech giant is set to release a modular smartphone this year. Unlike the regular smartphone, a modular smartphone allows users to individually swap and upgrade their phone’s core components like the processor, camera, chips, and others. This means that users do not need to replace the entire device if they want an upgrade or if something is not working fine. The concept is an improved version of the old mobile phone. With this innovation, you can use your smartphone longer without suffering from outdated features.

A lot of sweet tech innovations are happening in 2017 for smartphones. It is time to save up for the new smartphone of your dreams!

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